How to make an Accident Compensation Claim

If you are suffering from an injury caused by the carelessness or negligence of another then you should be concentrating on relaxing and recovering. Allow Ocean Accident Claims to concentrate on recovering 100% of the compensation that you are entitled to. Using our team of skilled, professional Injury Solicitors we can reclaim the compensation that you are entitled to for you. Just follow these four simple steps to get the accident claim heavyweights fighting in your corner.

The first step is to accurately document everything of the accident that you remember. This will give your claim further credence and reliability. All names and contact information must be taken from all parties involved at the site of the accident including any witnesses. It is standard practice during any automobile accident for all parties to comply with this, so the offending party will more than likely prompt you to document the accident. If it is possible to obtain statements from eye-witnesses then do so, they could aide your Accident Compensation Claim.

Secondly the accident and the injury need to be reported to the appropriate authority. For example if the accident occurred in a motor vehicle collision then the law enforcement needs to be contacted for a full and complete police report to be made. Alternatively if the injury is obtained at your workplace then your supervisor needs to be accurately informed. If you are unaware who the appropriate authority is, simply phone the police and they will be able to advise you.

You must contact your Injury Solicitor in timely fashion with all the correct information. Failure to do so or a delay in action could have detrimental effects on your claim. The authorities will question why you delayed the decision to act immediately and report the injury. By contacting Ocean Accident Claims quickly, our team of skilled, professional Injury Solicitors will be able to start processing your claim immediately. This will help speed up the claims process and you could receive your compensation considerable quicker.

Next a thorough medical examination will have to be undergone to determine the extent and seriousness of the injury. The subsequent medical report will notify the necessary parties of the full extent of the injuries and their repercussions.

Complying with these simple yet necessary steps, your chances of successfully making an Accident Compensation Claim will be increased significantly.

If you have any further questions about the process contact our team of skilled, professional Injury Solicitors on 0141 442 0122.

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Carol achieved a settlement in the sum of £2m for a client following a road traffic accident which caused catastrophic brain injuries when she was crossing the road as a pedestrian. She has been left with a range of severe permanent impairments and will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.Quote

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