Medical Negligence Specialist Supports Tougher Plastic Surgery Regulations

A medical negligence specialist has this month welcomed moved to impose tougher regulations on those seeking plastic surgery and those providing it. The NHS director Sir Bruce Keogh is leading the plan to ban cut-price deals on cosmetic surgery and aggressive sales techniques.

In the wake of the PIP breast implant scandal, thousands of women in the UK have sought out compensation with the aid of an accidents claims company. This saga has highlighted the dangers of cosmetic surgery without sufficient consideration and testing. These claims serve to help the victims of dangerous plastic surgery pay for the medical bills that follow and any potential loss of income.

The plans include actions that will serve to safeguard individuals who are considering cosmetic surgery. It is hoped that these changes to rulings will potentially alleviate the risk faced by those considering dangerous routines and operations.

Medical Negligence specialist Rachel Donovan revealed: "Having witnessed the distress, pain and psychological trauma that a botched cosmetic surgery procedure can cause, I would certainly welcome tighter regulations on advertising and cut-price deals for procedures. Anyone undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure needs to be aware of the full risks involved so that an informed decision can be made before they undergo any operation."

"It should be unacceptable to pressure someone into signing up to a procedure within a 48 hour time period so that they can benefit from a guarantee or price reduction.

"The decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is not something that should be made on a whim under pressure from a salesperson. They are very technical medical procedures and so should be presented to the public as such.

"Before procedures are undertaken consultations should be made with medical professionals who present both the possible positive and negative outcomes of any surgery with the individual free to consult with family and friends for as long a period as necessary without pressure from another party who has a strong interest in making a sale.

"More often than not the individual will have to live with the procedure for the rest of their life. If something goes wrong it is not a case of taking it back to the shop to get a new one, victims will have to live with the consequences and it is important that those thinking of undergoing procedures are allowed to make an informed decision without any undue influence."

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