Symptoms of Whiplash

Due to the injuries proximity to the head, neck and spine, whiplash can manifest itself in a number of different symptoms. Whiplash Claims can be attributed to a whole range of problems emanating from the pain, discomfort and disruption brought forth by the accident. Some people with minor whiplash may only suffer from one of the ailments caused by the injury whereas those with major whiplash could suffer from multiple or indeed all of the following:

Whiplash Symptoms

Neck, Back & Shoulder Ache

By far the most common symptom of whiplash, neck ache can manifest itself instantly and could continue for a long time if not treated properly. Due to the almost constant exertion of the neck, it is an injury that takes a long time to heal by itself. Allowing it to heal naturally just increases the likelihood of the furthering the damage and intensifying the pain. The pain in the neck can continue to the shoulders and the back. The increased pain could have an almost crippling effect on the sufferer. Back ache and neck ache in particular can make it incredibly difficult for people to continue with their

daily lives. Simple tasks such as going to work or sleeping can become disturbed and nigh-on impossible. These restrictions on life can further your Accident Compensation Claim as they may incur additional financial costs and losses.

Whiplash Symptoms

Sensory Disturbances

Sensations such as cramps and pins and needles to arms and legs can be a by-product of Whiplash. These can make it incredibly difficult to continue with you daily life. The inability to grip and hold may be a result of cramping in the arms and hands. If your job requires a great deal of manual handling, the injury could negatively impact you output and productivity compromising your employability. Likewise the cramp in legs can affect your daily life immeasurably, if you can't walk properly, many of life's little tasks are made harder if not impossible. Loss of sleep attributed to sensory disturbances can also lead to stress and illness.

Whiplash Symptoms

Headaches & Dizziness

The odd headache or spell of dizziness is common and manageable. These ailments will often pass with simple hydration and sugar intake. However, whiplash can lead to prolonged bouts of both which could incur large amounts of stress and worry on your life. In the midst of prolonged headaches or dizzy spells, the sufferers seldom can function at 100% of their capacity. This restriction on functionality can lead to many detrimental effects, such as work being of a poor standard, concentration falling or memory loss. If these problems can be successfully linked to the accident and whiplash, then your compensation claim could be strengthened significantly.

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