Whiplash Injury Claims

Whiplash injury claims

Whiplash is most commonly the result of a car accident. It is one of the most common injuries suffered in the UK due to the high volume of road traffic accidents on our roads every day. Whiplash is caused when the head suddenly jolts violently leading to muscular, tendon or ligament damage. This can be caused by even low-speed collisions because of the delicacy of the neck. However whiplash can also be caused by a blow to the head or repeated damage to the area.

Whiplash injuries can manifest themselves in a number of different manners and ailments. From the immediately painful to long-term consistent debilitating pains; all manner of injuries can cause great stress on daily life. If you or someone in your family has suffered a whiplash injury and its consequences then you could be entitled to make a Whiplash Claim.

Symptoms of Whiplash:

  • Headaches:A common ailment, many people may not attribute this to Whiplash however if you have suffered repeated headache problems since a car accident or blow to the head then that could be the cause. Headaches can make it hard to sleep and concentrate, impacting profoundly upon daily life.
  • Muscle Spasms: Caused by a tear in the muscle. If this problem is not properly treated it could worsen significantly.
  • Pain, Stiffness and Loss of Neck Movement: The most common tell-tale sign of Whiplash. This injury can encroach on your personal and professional life.
  • Dizziness and Blurred Vision: These symptoms could manifest itself almost immediately. Furthermore these symptoms are likely to lead to more problems such as headaches, tiredness, poor concentration and potentially falls.
  • Difficulty Swallowing:The swelling around the injuries in the neck can tighten the Esophagus making it harder to swallow.
  • Pain in the Shoulders, Arms or Lower Back:The connecting muscles and tendons lead to adjoining parts of the body sharing the pain. Shoulder and lower back pain will make it particularly difficult to move and manoeuvre.

How do I Claim?

How do I Claim?

  • Retain all the information available about the accident including the insurance details of all parties.
  • Report the accident to the appropriate authorities. This allows for the correct legal procedures to begin.
  • Seek medical attention. As well as helping you begin your rehabilitation process, the injuries will be imparted onto your medical record. The medical attention will detail the possible repercussions that your injury may have on your livelihood.
  • Call Ocean Accident Claims and talk to our team of skilled, professional Injury Solicitors on 0141 442 0122.

Should I Claim?

If you or someone in your family were not at fault for the accident and have suffered subsequent whiplash then you could be entitled to make an Accident Compensation Claim. For helpful advice, call our team of skilled, professional Injury Solicitors on 0141 442 0122.

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